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Selling sebastian and ciel's costumes and ciel's wig!


General Information
+ All items here are sent out from Malaysia and priced in USD.
+ Items do not include shipping.
+ I do not hold items. (unless you paid a deposit)
+ All the prices listed are all non-exhaustive! Please feel free to negotiate with me. I am willing to lower down the price. 
+ If you need more pictures, please don't hesitate to ask!
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Sheryl x Alto

Support me in Otaku House contest, please ^^

Please, support me in Otaku House cosplay contest and vote for my cosplays!
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And I hope you really liked my Sakura cosplay ^^ for more photos visit www.dreamhunter707.deviantart.com if you want ^^

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William & Ronald cosplay

First time posting here since we only just tried out our Kuroshitsuji cosplays today. Kinda liked the result even though it's just a closet cosplay. I hope you guys are gonna enjoy it as well!

The Group:
William T. Spears: shisukoisa
Ronald Knox: exorcistor

The Photographers:
just us


Who you gonna call? ...SHINIGAMIS DESU!

By the way, there needs to be a tag for Ronald Knox methinks!

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i am selling a Kuroshitsuji Cosplay, costume made by Fanplusfriend website. I ordered a size small but on me it is a bit loose then again their is a belt in the back that could tighten the waist. It's the Victorian ball tuxedo and sense it was costume made it was originally $125 U.S but i am lowering the price to $85 but this clothing is not on auction.

I am not willing to deal personally so i only want to send the product by mail.
If interested i am willing to keep in contact but please contact me by network first.

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Kuroshitsuji Cosplay Group

Check out our Kuroshitsuji group's first professional photoshoot, featuring Grell, William, Sebastian, Ran Mao and Undertaker. Ha, I know it's a bit random, but our Madam Red, CIel and Alois dumped us ten minutes before the shoot and left us a bit awkward.

I am the Grell and I would appreciate any comments or critique on any of the cosplays. ^^ Thanks for looking.


2nd season

Ok so i watched the 1st episode of thye second season...... I am just wondering if anyone else has and if you want to cosplay from it and whome you would. I know i wanna do the triplits but it would be dificult to find others who can do it with me...